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Our Merino Wool

Merino wool is a luxurious 'super' fabric. It is considerably more expensive than ordinary wools, synthetics and cotton. This is because it has the amazing attributes of wool, yet is lightweight, machine washable and comfortable like cotton. This makes it suitable for all weather conditions - perfect for spring chills, summer evenings, autumn breezes and winter layering.

Wool fibers create a microclimate around your childs' body absorbing and releasing moisture (a phenomenon known as wicking) and trapping or circulating air to regulate the body's temperature. It contains lanolin which naturally gives it anti-odor, antibacterial and non-allergenic properties. It is fire-retardant - by far the safest fabric you can dress your child in.

Merino wool is superior to ordinary wool because merino sheep live high up in the mountains and their wool has evolved for much greater extremes in temperature, making it ideal for kids who are going from indoors to outdoors (hot to cold). It is also much finer than ordinary wool, which is why it does not itch and is soft against even the most sensitive skin. It is machine washable and fast drying, recyclable, biodegradable.


We use only the highest quality 100% superfine merino wool from New Zealand to make our clothes.


Care instructions: As busy mothers we understand that you won’t want to have think about washing our clothes in a special way.
We have always washed our Baby/Little Pinecone clothes in the washing machine with the general laundry. The only recommendations are:

-not to wash on a setting that is hotter than 40˚C
-not to tumble dry
Simply remove your Baby/Little Pinecone clothes from the machine after the wash, and allow to dry naturally.